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China Century Group, Inc. (China Century) is a large multinational company headquartered in Beijing, China with over 5,000 employees globally. China Century is currently focused on the following sectors of businesses: technology, hospitality, healthcare, and finance. It also administers a dozen subsidiaries and holding companies in numerous cities in China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and USA.

China Century's technology sector mainly focuses on intelligent vehicle and telecoms. Working with major automotive OEMs and providing services to million car users, BICV (Beidou Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technologies), its subsidiary, is a pioneer and premium intelligent vehicle technology company in China.  Yuantel Communications Inc., another subsidiary, is a major virtual mobile telecom provider, operating nationwide and serving over ten millions customers in China.

In healthcare sector, China Century has set up both China Century Healthcare and OrthoGuard Physicians Group. Leveraging its scare resources of top surgeons nationwide, OrthoGuard owns and operates a number of hospitals in China by providing physicians resources, marketing, management and group procurement services.

China Century has also been a limited partner to a dozen of major private equity firms such as Hillhouse Capital and CDH Capital, and has invested in some fast-growing companies such Uber, Bank of Xiamen International.

Additionally, China Century has invested and developed several residential, commercial, and hospitality real estate projects in China and in the US, with a total construction size of over 1 million square meters.

With its business success, China Century has been engaged in a number of charities and non-profit organizations throughout China and the United States, and has been awarded by numerous organizations and municipal governments.





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